May 25, 2016 01 50 PM MDT
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REPLAY: HRIA Bootcamp - Health, Wellness, and Safe Workplace Session

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HRIA Bootcamp - Health, Wellness, and Safe Workplace Session

Speaker: Holly Elke, Senior QHSE Advisor/ Owner - SH & E System Solutions Inc.

This session focuses on the Health, Wellness, and Safe Workplace competency. 

Understanding the regulatory drivers and cultural influence of occupational health and safety (OHS) on the organization is a vital component of the human resource portfolio now being managed by many HR professionals. What is new, and what is gray?  OHS Regulatory requirements and accepted best practices often overlap with the responsibilities assigned to human resources.  This session will review current topics, issues and areas of practice that require a coordinated effort to meet the balance between OHS compliance and human resource considerations.   
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