Jun 01, 2016 01 50 PM MDT
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HRIA Bootcamp - Health, Wellness, and Safe Workplace Session

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HRIA Bootcamp - Health, Wellness, and Safe Workplace Session

Speaker: John Wettstein, CRSP, CHSC - Wettstein Safety Strategies Inc.

This session focuses on the Health, Wellness, and Safe Workplace competency.

Risk is Reality:  Embrace Risk for Your Safety   Risk Management is the foundation for Safety Management.  Can we eliminate risk?  Can we measure all risk using a Consequence/Probability Matrix?  What about the human element?  How do people’s beliefs, experiences, attitudes, risk perceptions, risk tolerance, company culture influence risk taking?  Risk is not only subjective, but must be considered in the context of the environment and social setting in which it appears.  Effective thinking and effective conversations about risk are required to strengthen keeping people safe.  Let’s learn to risk safely!
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