Oct 05, 2016 12 45 PM MDT
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Oct 5 - Strategy

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Oct 5 - Strategy

Speaker:  Sean Casault, CHRP -  Director, Human Resources at  All Weather Windows.

So YOU need to be more Strategic…in a down economy 

Strategy…being strategic…we hear about it all the time.  Increasingly in business, there is a focus on strategy, on strategic thinking, on being strategic.  HR professionals at all levels, especially those in leadership roles, are under pressure to demonstrate the ability to think and operate strategically to add value as true business partners.  Everyone’s talking about it, few are doing it well.  Why is it important? What does it mean to be strategic?   In this session, we will begin to explore what it means to be strategic and how and why it remains critically important in a down economy, because YOU need to be more strategic…
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