Oct 05, 2016 08 05 AM MDT
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Oct 5 - Workforce Planning & Talent Management

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Oct 5 - Workforce Planning & Talent Management

Speaker:  Allie Knull, RPR - HR Coordinator at  Vertex Resource Group Ltd.

Efficiency in Workforce Planning: How Effective Sourcing in Talent Management Could Save You Time and Money.   

The recession has hit and the amount of available talent is seemingly endless. While some companies are looking to downsize, others are looking to expand. Filling essential roles in your organization has become increasingly more time consuming and difficult to do, whether or not they are filled internally. How do you find the perfect candidate through the influx of applicants in your already tight schedule? 

Addressing a few key areas in sourcing and recruiting will allow you to stretch the linear process of recruiting into the cycle of workforce planning. This session will focus on ways to identify HR metrics around the recruitment process and establish baselines for future internal talent management purposes. The goal is to provide you with the knowledge to save you time but to also save your organization unnecessary costs.
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